Nature Viewing Along the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail


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Identify the birds, butterflies and flowering plants seen along the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Viewing Trail and throughout Florida. Designed with non-experts in mind, this tool is perfect for young or novice nature lovers, visitors to Florida and more seasoned explorers. Child-friendly icons lead the user to beautiful color photographs and basic descriptions of each species.

This Nature Viewing application was developed by the Florida Museum of Natural History, University of Florida IFAS Department of Entomology and Nematology and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, with support from grants from the Florida Wildflower Foundation and Florida Museum Associates.






  • Search for 106 butterflies by name or filter by color, size and family. Compare to similar species and learn about their larval host plants.

  • Search for 247 flowering plants by name or filter by color, size, flower type, flower arrangement and plant form. Learn about some of Florida’s most notorious invasive plants.

  • A list of the 491 sites along the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Viewing Trail; search nearby sites by current location or any city in Florida. Find the sites on a map.

  • Learn about Florida’s unique habitats and current conservation concerns.

  • Bookmark favorite species and sites.

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FWC Facts:
The spatulate bill of the roseate spoonbill has sensitive nerve endings that help it detect prey, and the shape helps the bird move sediment and catch the prey.

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