Wildlife Through the Year: August

  • Alligators hatch out from mid-August to mid-September.
  • Yellow warbler migration begins.
  • Short-tailed shrews are beginning a second round of breeding for the year.
  • Shorebirds and blue-winged teal arrive to winter on Florida wetlands and lakes.
  • Wild hog breeding season begins.
  • Deer are breeding in southern Florida.
  • Corals along the coast spawn in conjunction with the full moon.
  • Bass foraging in shallows in late evenings, early morning and nighttime.
  • Young sea turtles are still hatching so watch where you're walking on the beach.
  • Indigo snakes and other snake eggs are hatching.
  • Gopher tortoises are hatching.
  • Lights Out! Sea turtles emerge from their nests and head for the ocean. Females may become confused by lights on the beach.
  • Loggerhead and green sea turtles continue to nest; leatherbacks depart for their oceanic foraging grounds.

FWC Facts:
Breeding season for Florida black bears is summer, with the peak occurring from about mid-June through July.

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