Wildlife Through the Year: October

  • Warbler migration peaks early this month.
  • Monarch butterfly migration nears its peak along Florida's Gulf coast.
  • Turkey vultures return mid-month to Miami courthouse and other areas in south Florida.
  • Peak in chimney swift migrations in South Florida.
  • Black bears are on the move, gathering food. If you live in bear country, drive slow and be sure your garbage cans are bear-proofed.
  • Gray foxes begin mating this month.
  • Northeast Florida: Look for migrating Peregrine falcons in natural areas, especially along the coast as they follow shorebird prey.
  • Deer mating season begins in northeast and central Florida.
  • Flying squirrels will be raising their second litters and moving into pecan groves as the nuts ripen.
  • Flatwoods salamanders breed with the first heavy rains of October.
  • Lights Out! Sea turtles emerge from their nests and head for the ocean.

FWC Facts:
Spring and summer are the best times to listen for the elusive 5-inch Bachman's sparrow. Their song begins with a loud, clear whistle followed by an extended trill.

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