Wildlife Through the Year: September

  • Warblers migrate southward.
  • In late September gray bats migrate to north Alabama for winter hibernation.
  • First signs of leaves changing color; blazing star, rabbit tobacco and blue curls abloom.
  • Peak of hurricane season - watch for unusual bird sightings following tropical storms.
  • Bald eagles return to nest sites and begin courtship.
  • Panhandle blue crabs migrate to deeper water for winter.
  • Hawks begin migrating; watch for them along both coasts and in the Florida Keys.
  • Peak blooming period for water-spider orchids in central Florida.
  • Florida scrub-jay fledglings have completely blue heads, having lost their brown juvenile plumage.
  • The rut begins for Key deer.
  • Atlantic sturgeon begin fall migration from the Suwannee and Apalachicola Rivers to the Gulf of Mexico.
  • Green sea turtles continue to nest; loggerhead leave Florida shores to begin their migrations.
  • Lights Out! Sea turtles emerge from their nests and head for the ocean. Females may become confused by lights on the beach.
  • Lovebugs, or Bibionidae flies, mate in the middle of roadways.

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