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From rustic unpaved roads and meandering trails to scenic viewing towers and boardwalks, wildlife management areas provide access to outstanding native Florida habitats that host an abundance of rewarding wildlife viewing experiences. To increase your success, visit an individual WMA website for an overview of the habitats and wildlife you may encounter on each area. Advice on selecting and using optics and field guides, and ways to view animals without disturbing them, are detailed in How to View Wildlife.

At many sites, interpretive materials such as bird lists; recreation, trail and paddling guides; driving tours and signage help you plan your explorations and focus your wildlife viewing goals. Publications are usually available at entrance kiosks or may be ordered online.

Some wildlife management areas are featured sites along the statewide Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail (GFBWT) or are located close to other wildlife viewing opportunities. Expand your local itinerary with visits to other nearby sites along the GFBWT. Accommodations for persons with disabilities vary at each WMA.

To check on the status of scheduled hunts, review the hunt regulations and Year-at-a-glance calendars in the Planning Your Visit section of each wildlife management area website.


FWC Facts:
Over 200 species of birds migrate between their breeding grounds in the United States and Canada and their wintering areas in Mexico, Central and South America or the Caribbean.

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