Rotenberger Wildlife Management Area

A key component of the Everglades, Rotenberger Wildlife Management Area in southwestern Palm Beach County creates the most northwestern extent of the original sawgrass marsh. Rotenberger is bordered by the Everglades Agricultural Area to the north, Everglades Wildlife Management Area to the south, and Holey Land Wildlife Management Area to the east.  Throughout the marsh are landscapes filled with pickerel weed, spider lilies and muskrat lodges. Here you can view numerous wading birds and hunt for deer, feral hog, and water fowl.

photo palm in sawsgrass marsh


Although the marsh is most easily traversed by airboats and tracked vehicles, the extensive network of levees and canals constructed for flood control and water supply affords ample opportunities for  hiking and biking. There are also hunting opportunities for deer, feral hog and waterfowl.


  • View the Conceptual Management Plan PDF for the Everglades Complex of Wildlife Management Areas (Everglades/Francis Taylor WMA, Holey Land WMA and Rotenberger WMA).

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