Photo of Lake on Tenoroc FMA
Karla Brandt

In Polk County, two miles northeast of Lakeland, the Tenoroc Fish Management Area forms a continuous linkage of lakes and marshes, open grasslands, and wooded hills between the Green Swamp and the Peace River. Tenoroc's habitats contribute clean water to the Peace River, create an important refuge for wildlife, and serve as a top-notch destination for anglers, birdwatchers, hikers, and horseback riders. Tenoroc demonstrates the results of intensive management and restoration and nature's regenerative powers.

Pit lakes and steep-sided spoil mounds, the result of phosphate mining in the 1960s and 1970s, have been transformed into quality fishing lakes and wooded hills for hiking and horseback riding.  The odds of catching a quality bass and experiencing a peaceful fishing trip are high.

Tenoroc is one of the gateways to the Great Florida Birding Trail External Website and diverse habitats provide productive year round birding opportunities. Over ten miles of hiking trails offer both easy ambles on level ground and challenging hikes on hilly terrain. A shooting center accommodating archery, airgun, rifle, pistol and shotgun shooters is located near the entrance to the management area.

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