Variableleaf Sunflowers

Visit ARWEA just about any time of year to see spectacular wildflowers. Site biologists use prescribed fire, roller chopping, mowing and other land management techniques to maintain open conditions that allow this wildflower diversity hotspot to flourish.

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Savanna Iris Spring

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Daisy Fleabane Eleanor Dietrich Summer

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Fall Flower

Photos by Eleanor Dietrich

Florida Panhandle
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Take a self-guided wildflower tour along ARWEA’s Adobe PDF Tank Island Road. From 65 turn west on Sand Beach Road and follow the loop around Tank Island.ARWEA Wildflower Map

ARWEA’s wildflowers are beautiful and important to wildlife. Enjoy the wildflowers but leave them for the next person. Please remember, it is unlawful to cut, damage or remove plants from the WEA. 

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