These wildlife-rich pine flatwoods and hardwood swamps lie between two meandering rivers with breathtaking springs and sinkholes. Enjoy hiking, bicycling and hunting in the uplands or swimming, snorkeling or paddling the area’s pristine waterways.




Enjoy bank fishing in the Western Sloughs, or combine hiking with fishing in numerous sinkholes and river rises along the trail system. The Wacissa River offers many angling opportunities for largemouth bass, Suwannee bass and various species of bream. Carry appropriate licenses and permits.

Hiking and Bicycling


Bicyclists and hikers can enjoy any roads in the area as well as 10 miles of trams within the Western Sloughs accessible from Highway 98.  Segments of the Florida National Scenic Trail External Website include the Aucilla Sinks Trail, which features numerous sinkholes and the Aucilla River Trail, which follows the east bank of the Aucilla River for 7.1 miles. Expect scenic views of high, steep banks and rocky outcrops.



Aucilla WMA lies between the Wacissa and Aucilla rivers, both state-designated paddling trails. The Wacissa, fed by twelve major springs, is a recreational hub for swimmers, snorkelers, boaters and anglers, and is perfect for beginning paddlers and families. The Aucilla River, with its many shallows and rock-filled shoals, offers more challenging paddling. Order a map guide for the Aucilla, Wacissa and Econfina rivers from the Wildlife Foundation of Florida External Website.



The Western Sloughs are popular with squirrel and hog hunters. Turkey hunters can find good opportunities on some of the higher areas in the Western Sloughs and along the Aucilla River sinks. Deer are common throughout the area. Check the hunt calendar and the Hunting Regulations brochure and map before you visit.

Wildlife Viewing

The best way to see wildlife is by canoe or kayak early in the morning or evening or by walking quietly along the Aucilla Sinks Trail or the trams accessed from Highway 98. Wading birds, turtles, and alligators are a few of the species commonly spotted here. Aucilla is part of the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail External Website. Visit the Wildlife page for more details.



Camp along the Wacissa River at Goose Pasture campground, open on a first-come, first-served basis, with a special-use authorization (available at the self-service kiosk). Stays are limited to 10 days and are not allowed during the Aucilla WMA general gun season. Primitive camping (tents only) is allowed at designated sites along the Florida Trail only by permit External Website from the Suwannee River Water Management District, (800) 226-1066 (good in Florida only) or (386) 362-1001.

FWC Facts:
Ospreys, also known as "fish hawks," are expert anglers that like to hover above the water, locate their prey and then swoop down for the capture with talons extended.

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