Chinsegut Wildlife and Environmental Area


Chinsegut is unique among Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission properties: its primary function is education. Located on the Brooksville Ridge in Hernando County, Chinsegut WEA consists of the 408-acre Chinsegut Conservation Center and the 430-acre Big Pine Tract, the second largest contiguous tract of old-growth longleaf pine in Florida. The Nature Coast Birding and Wildlife Festival is held annually at the Conservation Center. Throughout the year, scores of other programs are offered to the general public, school children, and teachers. Conservation Adventures Day Camps are offered each summer.

Kristin Wood
"Chinsegut" - The place where things of true value that have been lost may be found again.

Take a night walk to May's Prairie and listen for frogs, owls, flying squirrels, bats, and other nighttime wildlife. Learn the fundamentals of bird watching in Birding 101. Hike through the Big Pine Tract with a wildlife biologist and learn to read animal sign.  Expand your outdoor skills in an introductory archery workshop or sit on the back deck and watch wildlife visiting the garden. Help us maintain healthy habitats for wildlife by removing exotic plants, improving the garden or participating in other citizen science projects.  Explore other opportunities with the Brooksville Ridge Volunteer Program.

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