In support of the resource management goals and objectives for the area and to provide a quality experience for all area users, the following recreation activities are allowed.

Chinsegut's main function is education and it does not offer hunting and fishing and other recreational opportunities provided by other FWC properties. The Conservation Center hosts major events and scores of other programs throughout the year.

Wildlife Viewing

Chinsegut is a choice location for seeing migratory as well as resident birds. White-tailed deer are abundant and frequently wander by the Conservation Center. Visit the Wildlife page for more information about the area's wildlife.  You may also request a copy or download or print the Chinsegut Bird List PDF. The Conservation Center's butterfly garden attracts a colorful array of butterflies throughout the year, with peak butterfly numbers in late summer and fall.

Cloudless Sulphurs on Cardinal Flower
Myrna Erler-Bradshaw
Cloudless sulphurs on cardinal flower

photo of hiker

Fritillaries on Joe Pye Weed
Myrna Erler-Bradshaw
Gulf fritillaries on joe-pye weed


Both the Big Pine Tract and the Chinsegut Conservation Center have several hiking trails, including the new "Prairie to Pines Trail" which connects the two properties by winding through a variety of landscapes. The trails on the Big Pine Tract are open year-round and those at the Conservation Center are open by appointment (352-754-6722), Friday and Saturday from 8 am - 2 pm, and during during special events and other programs.

FWC Facts:
Butterflies taste with their feet.

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