Guana River Wildlife Management Area


Nestled within the Guana Tolomato Matanzas National Estuarine Research Reserve, this coastal paradise invites exploration of the salt marsh, maritime hammocks and pine flatwoods.



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Things to do

Visitors find excellent waterfowl hunting, fishing, paddling and wildlife viewing as well as miles of scenic roads for hiking and horseback riding.  read more »


See waterfowl, wading birds and many other species along this Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail site. read more »

Habitat and Management

Biologists regulate water levels and conduct prescribed burns to benefit habitats and wildlife. read more »


Bountiful seafood and fertile soil have attracted human settlers for centuries. read more »

Planning Your Visit

Find Guana midway between Jacksonville and St. Augustine. read more »


FWC Facts:
The spatulate bill of the roseate spoonbill has sensitive nerve endings that help it detect prey, and the shape helps the bird move sediment and catch the prey.

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