The diversity of natural communities within a small area is one of Guana River WMA's most striking features. For example, from the observation tower along Capo Road you can see salt marsh, maritime hammocks, and pine flatwoods.

Betsy Purdum

These communities are highly influenced by coastal maritime conditions and are similar to the Sea Island Coastal Region of southern Georgia.

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Water structure
Betsy Purdum - Six inch artesian well.

Regrowth after burn
Betsy Purdum - Regrowth in pinelands
several days after prescribed burn.

Biologists at Guana River are actively involved in a number of management and restoration activities. Water levels on Lake Ponte Vedra and the interior impoundments are controlled to produce a mosaic of desirable, natural plant communities of benefit to wildlife.

Scrub is being restored through roller chopping and the use of prescribed fire. Pine flatwoods are being managed through thinning and prescribed fire on a 3-5 year rotation. Maritime forest hammocks and salt marshes are not fire dependent and are thus managed passively.

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