L. Kirk Edwards Wildlife and Environmental Area


Just east of Tallahassee, explore uplands, sinkholes, forested wetlands and marshes associated with Lower Lake Lafayette and the Upper St. Marks River.



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Things to do

Enjoy fishing and hunting as well as excellent wildlife viewing while paddling, hiking and bicycling. read more »


This regionally significant resource for fish and wildlife helps to sustain one of the largest nesting colonies of threatened wood storks in northwest Florida. read more »

Habitat and Management

Marshes, swamps and upland habitats are restored and managed to benefit wildlife and provide excellent recreational opportunities. read more »


Wildlife and recreationists now enjoy productive habitats that once attracted native peoples. read more »

Planning Your Visit

L. Kirk Edwards encompasses uplands as well as most of the Lower Lake Lafayette and the Upper St. Marks River, seven miles east of Tallahassee. read more »


FWC Facts:
The painted bunting is one of the most rapidly declining songbirds in the eastern U.S. Surveys show an astounding 4-6 percent annual decrease in its numbers from 1966 to 2007.

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