Rotenberger Wildlife Management Area


Rotenberger Wildlife Management Area, bordered by Holey Land and Everglades Wildlife Management Areas, is part of the most northern extent of remaining Everglades sawgrass marsh, with tree island communities scattered throughout the area. 



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Things to do

Enjoy boating as well as hunting, fishing, photography, wildlife viewing, camping, bicycling and hiking on the levees along the canals that traverse the Everglades. read more »


This regionally significant resource for fish and wildlife is part of the Great Florida Birding and Wildlife Trail and sustains populations of many native Florida species of wildlife. read more »

Habitat and Management

Management activities emphasize the restoration and maintenance of plant and animal communities, public education and recreation and habitat protection. read more »


Traditionally, this area has been used by Native Americans and others for subsistence and a variety of recreational activities. read more »

Planning Your Visit

Rotenberger WMA comprises more than 29,000 acres of western Broward and Palm Beach counties, 14 miles west of US Highway 27. read more »


FWC Facts:
Studies indicate fish-and-wildlife activities contribute more than $36 billion a year to Florida's economy.

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