photo black-necked stilt nest
South Florida Water Management District
Black-necked stilt nest

Canal and powerline levees are good places to view wildlife. Alligators are ubiquitous. You may also encounter white-tailed deer, raccoons, common opossums, armadillos, river otter, bobcats, rabbits, and rats.

Swallow-tailed kites, red-shouldered hawks, and many migratory birds are seen during the winter months. Wood storks, ibises, big blue heron, snowy egrets, and cattle egrets are common. The endangered Florida panther may be an occasional visitor to the area.


Wildlife Spotlight: Green Tree Frog

photo green tree frog
Green Tree Frog

The green tree frog is small (about 2 inches in length), slender, and bright green with long white stripes on its sides. When hidden or sleeping, the frog may change its color to dull green or gray. It feeds on insects and is found in places with abundant vegetation. A chorus of green tree frogs singing their "quonk-quonk-quong" call is often heard at night as well as during rainstorms.


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