Triple N Ranch Wildlife Management Area

photo a wet hammock
Betsy Purdum

"It was not unlike sections of the West although much wetter….and it was here that the Florida cowman hunted, penned, branded and drove his cattle."
Joe Akerman, Jr., Florida Cowman

Adjacent to the small town of Holopaw in Osceola County, the 16,295-acre Triple N Ranch Wildlife Management Area is an excellent example of fast-disappearing native range and pine-palmetto flatwoods scattered with wet and dry prairie, cypress domes, oak hammocks, and oak scrub.

Scenic Crabgrass Creek, a tributary of the St. Johns River, snakes across the area. On Triple N Ranch limited hunting increases your chances of harvesting a trophy deer or Osceola turkey. A network of well-maintained and marked roads provides ample opportunities for hiking, wildlife viewing, biking, and horseback riding.



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Male cardinals are extremely territorial in the spring, often attacking other birds or even their own reflection in windows. The attacks can go on for hours.

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