Herky Huffman/Bull Creek Wildlife Management Area

This is a remote area of open longleaf and slash pine flatwoods, cypress and mixed hardwoods (around Bull Creek), and a variety of wetlands filled with seasonal lilies, orchids, blue flag iris, St. Johns wort, and pitcher plants. There is an 8.6-mile self-guided loop drive to provide an introduction to Bull Cr eek, as well as a section of the Florida National Scenic Trail.

Watchable wildlife:
Sandhill cranes nest in the wet prairies in late spring. Limpkins, great egrets, and other wading birds are common during the dry season as they stalk prey in drying pools of water. Northern harriers hunt over the marshes during the winter. Look for water pipits, common nighthawks, and marsh rabbits in and around the wet prairies and marshes. Oak hammocks are home to white-tailed deer, wild hogs, and many species of songbirds.

St. Johns Water Management District; managed by the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

(352) 732-1225 or (407) 436-1818

Take Exit 71 from Interstate 95 at Melbourne.  At the exit ramp, turn west onto U.S. Highway 192.  Drive 21.6 miles west to Crabgrass Road.  Turn left and drive 6 miles south to the check station.

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FWC Facts:
The crested caracara is a resident of the prairies and range lands of south-central Fla. This boldly patterned raptor has a crest, naked face, heavy bill and longish neck and legs.

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