Ocala National Forest

Birding Hot Spot and Great Florida Birding Trail site

Ocala National Forest features the world's most extensive scrub community, in addition to longleaf pine-turkey oak sandhills, several hundred lakes, and the forest's major springs - Salt Springs, Silver Glen, Alexander, and Juniper Run. There are visitor centers, nature trails, and a section of the Florida Trail. There are also several wilderness areas for visitors seeking primitive conditions and solitude.

Watchable wildlife:
Bald eagles are particularly common around Lake George. Hopkins Prairie is reputed to be good for observing scrub jays and sandhill cranes. Near the springs, look for Acadian flycatchers, prothonotary warblers, American swallow-tailed kites, limpkins, and summer tanagers from April through August. There are many black bears in the forest as well.

USDA Forest Service

(352) 625-2520

From Ocala, take Florida Highway 40 east to the Visitor Center.

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FWC Facts:
Whooping cranes mate for life, but they will take a new mate after the loss of the original. The pair will return to use and defend the same nesting and wintering territory year after year.

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