Rock Springs Run State Reserve

Sand pine scrub, pine flatwoods, bayheads, and swamps located between Rock Springs Run and the Wekiva River provide ideal habitat for Florida black bears and other rare and threatened species. Visitors will find miles of trails and sandy roads for hiking, biking or horseback riding in this 13,860-acre area.

Watchable Wildlife:
Look for signs of bear:  scat (droppings), tracks, or damage to trees. Scrub jays are present here, as are gopher tortoises, indigo snakes, gopher frogs, Sherman's fox squirrels, gray foxes and deer. In fall, migrant songbirds are abundant.

Florida Department of Environmental Protection

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The reserve is located approximately 30 miles north of Orlando. Take exit 51 off of I-4 and follow S.R. 46 west for about 10 miles.

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