Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

A sand pine scrub forest is found on the mainland, while more than three miles of beach, sand dunes, and mangrove swamp occur on Jupiter Island. Interpretive Programs, including summer turtle walks, are offered seasonally from the Hobe Sound Nature Center.

Watchable wildlife:
Sea turtles, including the federally listed endangered leatherback and green, as well as the threatened loggerhead, nest here on summer nights. Northern gannets, common loons, and various sea ducks are seen on the Atlantic. Brown pelicans, osprey, several species of shorebirds, and bottle-nosed dolphins can be seen from the beach year-round. Watch for scrub jays, gopher tortoises, and various songbirds on the quarter-mile-long Sand Pine Nature Trail on the mainland.

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

(772) 546-6141

On U.S. Highway 1, one mile south of Hobe Sound.

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