Osceola National Forest

The forest features an auto tour and several walking trails (one includes a boardwalk through a cypress swamp), as well as a section of the Florida Trail. Much of the forest is covered by longleaf and slash pine woods, as well as cypress and bay swamps. There are several active colonies of endangered red-cockaded woodpeckers.

Watchable wildlife:
The pinewoods abound with rufous-sided towhees, pine warblers, Bachman's sparrows, brown-headed nuthatches, northern bobwhites, rattlesnakes, and fox squirrels. Near dusk or dawn, you may be lucky and spot wild turkey, white-tailed deer, gray fox, or bobcat. American swallowtail kites soar over open places in spring and summer. The cypress swamp boardwalk is a good place to view pileated woodpeckers and warblers.

USDA Forest Service

(386) 752-2577

Maps can be obtained at the park ranger station, on U.S. Highway 90, just west of Olustee.

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