E. Dale Joyner Nature Preserve at Pelotes Island

Great Florida Birding Trail site

Maritime hammocks, tidal creeks, and salt marshes attract wildlife to this cluster of small sea islands north of the St. Johns River. Pignut hickory, live oak, cabbage palms, and red cedar dominate the hammocks. There are also several Timucuan Indian shell middens and more than three miles of well-interpreted trails for groups with reservations.

Watchable wildlife:
This is a good place to watch butterflies sipping on wildflower nectar. Common species include sulfurs, giant and black swallowtails, fritillaries, and zebra longwings. A spring highlight is the nesting painted buntings. Look for clapper rails, osprey, and northern harriers in the salt marsh. Low tide brings wading birds to feed, including wood storks, snowy and great egrets, and great blue herons.

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North of Jacksonville's St. Johns River.

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