Blackwater River State Forest

The Blackwater River State Forest is located between the towns of Milton and Munson. You can pick up maps and brochures at the Blackwater Forestry Center near Munson. An eight-mile loop provides a scenic drive through gently rolling longleaf pine uplands. Pitcher plant bogs are common and bloom in April and May. The Florida Trail runs through a section of the forest, and canoeing the forest's shallow creeks is a popular activity.

Watchable wildlife:
The most notable wildlife is an active colony of red-cockaded woodpeckers along Three Notch Road. Each cavity tree is marked with white ribbon and is covered with sticky sap oozing from holes the woodpeckers have drilled just below the cavity entrance to discourage tree-climbing predators.

Florida Forest Service

(850) 957-6140

An auto tour begins at the Blackwater Forestry Center, south of Munson on Florida 191.

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FWC Facts:
American kestrels nest in cavities that they do not excavate. Instead, they depend on woodpeckers and natural processes to create holes in trees.

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