Fern Forest Nature Center

This is a 254-acre forested island in the sea of concrete that is much of Broward County. It was purchased in 1978 as a Designated Urban Wilderness Site. There is a visitor center, the Cypress Boardwalk and Prairie Overlook Trail, and an arboretum. Cypress/maple swamp, tropical hardwood hammock, open prairie, and oak/cabbage palm communities comprise the natural communities found in the park.

Watchable wildlife:
Look for black-and-yellow striped zebra longwing butterflies and orange ruddy daggerwings as they flit through the  forest. Songbirds, red-shouldered hawks, and gray squirrels are common. Gray fox and bobcats are occasionally seen.

Broward County

(954) 970-0150

In Pompano Beach, take Interstate 95 to exit 34 at Atlantic Boulevard. Drive west 2.9 miles to Lyons Road, turn left (south).  The park entrance is on the right.

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FWC Facts:
The oystercatcher is one of the largest and heaviest of Florida's shorebirds. It is striking in appearance: dark brown, black and white, with a bright red bill.

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