Grassy Waters Preserve

The preserve consists of two sites, located on the north and south sides of Northlake Boulevard. The south site features a nature center/classroom surrounded by 1,500 feet of boardwalk, overlooking a sawgrass prairie and cypress marsh. The north site has a lake where catch-and-release fishing is allowed and two trails that traverse uplands and wetlands. Natural history programs and guided canoe outings are regularly offered.

Watchable Wildlife:
The prairie and marsh attract great blue herons, great egrets, ibises, limpkins, turtles, alligators, gar and mudfish. Turkey vultures and red-shouldered hawks are regular year-round sights; snail kites and bald eagles are occasionally seen. On the north site, watch for raccoons, armadillos, deer, wild hogs, wading birds, ospreys and wild ducks.

City of West Palm Beach

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Take Northlake Boulevard west from I-95 past the Beeline Highway. The Grassy Waters Nature Center is located just past the Beeline on the south side of Northlake Boulevard.

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FWC Facts:
When the weather is very cold, a group of bluebirds, and several other bird species, will occasionally roost together in a nest cavity for warmth.

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