Cayo Costa State Park

This beautiful, relatively unspoiled barrier island features seven miles of
brilliant white beach, pine forest, oak/palm hammock, and mangrove swamp at the mouth of Charlotte Harbor.

Watchable wildlife:
This island is well-known for its birding potential. August and September are the best month for observing American oystercatchers, black skimmers, long-billed curlews, plovers, whimbrels, gulls, and terns. Magnificent frigatebirds soar overhead in the summer, and ospreys and brown pelicans are here year-round. Look for bald eagles in the spring.

Department of Environmental Protection

(941) 964-0375

Take Interstate 75 in North Fort Myers to exit 26.  Drive west on Florida Highway 78 for 20 miles to Pine Island.  Turn right (north) on Stringfellow Road to Bokeelia.  The concession-run ferry takes visitors to park from 4-Winds Marina.  Call for details and reservations (813)283-0015.  The ferry docks at island's bay side.  There is a 1 mile walk to beach or ride the park-operated tram.

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The song of the wood thrush is so beautiful it inspired Handel to write a piece of music in the bird's honor. This songbird sings a loud, flute-like song, ending in a trill.

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