Lover's Key State Park

Visitors walk or ride a tram through mangroves and over a tidal bay to the beach of this county park situated on a barrier island in Big Carlos Pass.

Watchable wildlife:
Low tide brings out hordes of fiddler crabs and feeding snowy and great egrets; great blue, little blue, and tricolored herons; white ibis; and in spring and summer, roseate spoonbills. Coon oysters and mangrove periwinkle snails cling to mangrove roots. Reddish and snowy egrets often forage along the Gulf beach. Magnificent frigatebirds soar overhead in summer. Throughout the year, look for shorebirds, including American oystercatchers.

Lee County

(239) 463-4588

Take Florida Highway 865, south of Fort Myers Beach, across the causeway into the park.

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FWC Facts:
The oystercatcher is one of the largest and heaviest of Florida's shorebirds. It is striking in appearance: dark brown, black and white, with a bright red bill.

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