Anclote River Parks

This park provides short driving loop along a mangrove coastline that features mangrove-fringed lagoons and tidal flats. Two county parks provide access to the Anclote River and Gulf of Mexico.

Watchable wildlife:
Low tide is the best time to see the many egrets, herons, and shorebirds, which include short-billed dowitchers and several plovers during the winter. Bald eagles nest along Bailey's Bluff road December through May. Ospreys, gulls, terns, and double-crested cormorants are often seen fishing in nearshore waters. Scan the marshes carefully with binoculars to see rails, white ibis, and night herons. Magnificent frigate birds are sometimes seen high over the water from May through October.

Florida Power Corporation; managed by Pasco County

(727) 938-2598

Florida Highway 595A in Pinellas County.

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