Fort DeSoto County Park

Birding Hot Spot and Great Florida Birding Trail site

This popular recreation area is located on Mullet Key, an island south of St. Petersburg. Visitors access the island via a toll bridge to see the beaches, mangroves, and hardwood hammock. There is a visitor center and a pier.

Watchable wildlife:
Because this is the first landfall for many migratory birds traveling across the Gulf of Mexico in the spring, it concentrates many birds and as a result, birders from across the country. Check with the visitor center for the best sites. Look for a tremendous influx of warblers from mid-March to mid-May. Brown pelicans, double-crested cormorants, herons, egrets, plovers, gulls, and black skimmers are here year-round.  Sea turtles nest along the beach in the summer.

Pinellas County

(727) 582-2267

In St. Petersburg, travel west on the Pinellas Bayway (54th Avenue South or Florida Highway 682).  Turn south on Florida 679 and follow signs to the park.

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The crested caracara is a resident of the prairies and range lands of south-central Fla. This boldly patterned raptor has a crest, naked face, heavy bill and longish neck and legs.

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