Marine and Estuarine Habitats


Healthy marine and estuarine habitats support fish and wildlife in a saltwater-based ecosystem. In Florida, these habitats include seagrasses, coastal marshes, mangroves and various types of reefs such as oyster reefs, coral reefs or rocky reefs. The marine/estuarine group within the Aquatic Habitat Conservation and Restoration Section works in partnership with other agencies to identify, design and implement marine and estuarine habitat restoration projects.


Breaker’s Reef Mooring Buoy Project Adobe PDF

Dragline-Ditched Coastal Wetlands Restoration Adobe PDF

New Smyrna Beach Saltmarsh Restoration Adobe PDF

Oyster Reef Habitat Enhancement, St. Andrew Bay Adobe PDF



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FWC Facts:
The manatee is Florida’s official marine mammal. Fossils indicate they have been in Florida waters for millions of years.

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