Be an aquatic habitat volunteer!

Photo shows Sheila Nogueira-Prewitt, an FWC fish and wildlife technician, working with college student volunteers on an aquatic habitat monitoring project in St. Andrew Bay in Bay County, Florida

Interested in working on aquatic habitat projects as a volunteer with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC)? There may be opportunities for you to get your feet wet and help us!

The Aquatic Habitat Conservation and Restoration Section, which works on restoring Florida’s freshwater, marine and estuarine habitats, welcomes the participation of volunteers in many of our projects. Volunteers have helped replant marshes and lagoon areas, created and monitored artificial oyster reefs, and monitored the health of seagrass. Their efforts have made a major contribution to the overall success of these projects.

If you are interested in becoming an FWC volunteer, please sign up online and indicate your interest in volunteering on an aquatic habitat projectat our Volunteer Coordinator contact page.

FWC Facts:
Florida panthers often meticulously cache, or cover, their prey with leaves, grass and sticks. This helps prevent competitors and scavengers from finding and stealing their food.

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