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The Commission adopted a new management system for conserving threatened species in September 2010.  The system includes a process for accepting listing action requests from the public for species that may be at risk of extinction. The system includes a threatened species list that is currently comprised of 64 state listed and 67 federally listed species.

People requesting the Commission list or remove a species from the state-designated Threatened species list must submit a written species evaluation request to the Commission through the Division of Habitat and Species Conservation. The Commission also can initiate species evaluation requests. No earlier than 2013, species evaluation requests shall be submitted from Jan. 1 through June 30 and will be reviewed for completeness and considered for evaluation in the listing process from July 1 through Sept. 30. Species evaluation requests must include sufficient information on the biology and distribution of the species to warrant investigation of its status using the criteria contained in the definition of a state-designated Threatened species.

Note: Until the new process for existing state-listed species are completed, listing action requests for additional species are not currently being accepted. A two year moratorium will give the FWC time to both complete the status reviews and allow significant progress working with stakeholders to complete management plans for all the existing state-listed species.

A readable version of the endangered and threatened species rule PDF (112KB)

Below are species for which the FWC has received petitions since 1999. Please click the links below to find out more regarding the current status of each.

Completed Listing Actions

Active Listing Actions

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