Upland Plant Management

Before (left) and after (right) treatment to restore native plant communities.


About the program

The Upland Plant Management Program under Florida Statute (F.S. 369.252) (Statutes External Website) within the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission incorporates ecosystem management concepts involving "place-based management" that brings together regionally diverse interests to develop flexible, innovative strategies to address local upland invasive plant management issues on public conservation lands in Florida.

The Upland Plant Management Program of the section funds individual invasive plant removal projects on public conservation lands throughout the state.  Projects are considered based on recommendations from Regional Invasive Plant Working Groups.

A statewide network of eleven Regional Invasive Plant Working Groups has been established comprising federal, state, and local government public conservation land managers and non-governmental organizations throughout the state.  These working groups have an active role in selecting projects for upland invasive plant management at a local level.

The Program has also established service contracts with regional invasive plant control contractors with an established fee schedule to help all Florida governmental entities streamline the hiring of plant removal contractors.

Public Land Management Information

Invasive Plant Management Activity Map

Uplands Program Proposals Handbook Adobe PDF

How to find Contractor Regions Adobe PDF

Contractors contact information Adobe PDF

Cooperative Invasive Species Management Areas External Website

Annual Reports Adobe PDF

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