2014 Presentations included, please check back periodically for our 2015 schedule

10:30 am - Steven McDaniel, FWC LE “Reptiles of Central Florida “
Steve McDaniel  has 40 years’ experience with alligators and non-venomous snakes and 35 years’ experience with venomous snakes including exotics. Steve will provide information on venomous snakes, snake bites, examples of live non venomous native snakes and a live alligator.

1:00 pm - Mike Orlando, FWC Wildlife Biologist “Living safely in Bear Country
Florida black bear biology and behavior, and the science and techniques used to discover the secrets of a bear’s life.  These discoveries help people understand and appreciate Florida’s largest land mammal. Learn about interactions and contact between bears and people in Florida – where, how and why they occur and how to ensure these interactions will be positive and safe experiences.

2:00 pm -  Laurie McDonald Florida Program Director, Defenders of Wildlife
The New “Florida Panther Recovery Implementation Team” – Who we are and what we do
With only an estimated 100 -180 remaining in the wild, Florida panthers are one of the most endangered mammals in the world. Over the last 30 years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (Service) has worked closely with FWC, as well as Federal agencies and private partners to make significant progress toward Florida panther recovery. Recently, several new opportunities and ideas to foster panther recovery have become available. To take advantage of and begin implementing these new possibilities, the Service has established a Florida Panther Recovery Implementation Team. Laurie Macdonald of Defenders of Wildlife was appointed as the only conservation representative on the team, along with the National Park Service, FWC and other stakeholders.

3:00 pm - Coyotes: What they are, What they do, and What you can do
Authors Lauren N. Watine (LNW) & William M. Giuliano (WMG)
Lauren has a BS in Wildlife Ecology & Conservation from UF; currently a UF MS  student studying coyotes in the Southeast; several years’ experience working with mammalian carnivores William has BS, MS, & PhD in Wildlife Science; currently a professor of wildlife management at the  University of Florida; has worked with coyotes and mammalian carnivores for 25 plus years.


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