These links have been provided for additional information on bears and bear conservation.

General black bear info:

NatureServe Explorer's Florida Black Bear Summary.

Bears of British Columbia (includes information about animal tracks).

Cove Bear, studio provides bear videos.


Bear & People Interactions

Be Bear Aware and Wildlife Stewardship Campaign has excellent information on all facets of living and recreating in bear country.

BearInfosite has information on being Bear Aware, BearSmart, and Bear Safe.

SEAFWA's BearWise pages have information on how to create a BearWise community



Florida Black Bear and Wildlife Conservation Festival (Umatilla, FL)


Black Bear Photographers

For cool photos of Black Bears, check out these websites:

Denver Bryan Photos [keyword search black bear]

Bill Lea - Nature Photography

Team Husar Wildlife Photography



Alabama Black Bear Alliance

Appalachian Bear Center

Bear Trust International - North American Bear Center

Black Bear Conservation Committee for the Louisiana black bear.

Carnivore Conservation, all carnivore species of the world, including bears.

Get Bear Smart Society (formerly J. J. Whistler Bear Society).

Great Bear Foundation

International Association for Bear Research and Management (IBA)

North American Bear Foundation

Ursus International Conservation Institute

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FWC Facts:
Black bears are called omnivores because they eat both plant and animal matter. A bear's diet consists of approximately 80 percent plant and 20 percent animal matter.

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