Manatee Sign Vendors

The FWC designs manatee educational signs to fulfill state permit or lease conditions.  There are a number of sign companies that regularly produce manatee signs, and this list can be seen at the following link:

Manatee Sign VendorsAdobe PDF

Sign companies should be contacted directly to arrange for shipping and billing of the signs.  Sign companies not on this list can produce signs of the images below by downloading the associated Adobe *.pdf documents.

Florida Friendly Boating

Florida Friendly Boating
Adobe PDF (3.5mb)

Caution Boaters

Caution: Boaters
Adobe PDF (1.5mb)

Recycle Monofilament

Entanglement 2010
Adobe PDF(816kb)

Caution Shut Down

Caution: Shut Down
Adobe PDF (155kb)

Sign specifications outlined in the Permanent Manatee Educational Sign Information brochure must be followed unless pre-approved by FWC's Imperiled Species Management Section.

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