Nonnative Amphibians

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Common Name

Scientific Name

Native range

Year first observed

Length of time breeding

Method of Introduction

Statewide established populations

Cuban Treefrog

Osteopilus  septentrionalis

Cuba, Cayman Islands, Bahamas


At least 10 years

hitchhiker in cargo

Regionally established populations

Giant Toad

Rhinella marina

Amazon basin north to southern Texas


At least 10 years

pet escapes, introduced for pest control

Greenhouse Frog

Eleutherodactylus  planirostris



At least 10 years


Locally established populations


Eleutherodactylus  coqui

Puerto Rico


At least 10 years

intentional introduction, hitchhiker on exotic plants


FWC Facts:
After reaching sexual maturity at 4-7 years, female manatees give birth to an average of one calf every 2-3 years. The calf stays with its mother for up to 2 years.

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