Nonnatives - Eurasian Collard-Dove

Eurasian Collared-Dove - Streptopelia decaocto

Florida's Nonnative Wildlife. Species detail.

First year: 1987

Extirpated year:

Established status: Populations are confirmed breeding and apparently self-sustaining for 10 or more consecutive years.

Estimated Florida range: 67 counties  At least 10 years

Statewide trend: Expanding

Threats to natives:  Undetermined effect on native species.

Species Account: A game bird in western Europe that was apparently first released in the Bahamas in 1974 and subsequently invaded Florida. In 1987, there were 1,200 pairs in Dade and Monroe counties. By 1993, they had reached Alachua County. It now occurs throughout most of the coastal regions of the state and inland in southern Florida. This species is believed to occur in at least 46 counties and reported dead from 19 counties. Individual counties are not listed.

Habitats: Central or core urban area, Low density suburban development, areas peripheral to core urban areas, and small towns.

County First Year Extirpated Year Breeding status Notes
Northwest     At least 10 years  
North Central     At least 10 years  
Northeast     At least 10 years  
Southwest     At least 10 years  
South     At least 10 years  


James, F. C. 1997. Nonindigenous Birds. Pages 139-156 In Strangers Among Us: Impact and management of nonindigenous species in Florida. (Simberloff,D., D. Schmitz, and E. Wilson, eds.) Island Press, Washington D.C.

Smith, P.W. 1987. The Eurasian Collared-Dove arrives in the Americas. American Birds. 41:1370-1379

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