Nonnative Mammals

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Common Name Scientific name Year first observed Method of Introduction
Statewide established populations
Hog Sus scrofa 1500s Introduced
House Mouse Mus musculus Unknown Introduced
Black Rat Rattus rattus late 1700s Introduced
Norway Rat Rattus norvegicus early 1800s Introduced
Locally established populations
Sambar Deer Cervus unicolor 1908 Introduced (St. Vincents Island, Franklin County)
Pallas's Mastiff Bat Molossus molossus tropidorhynchus 1929 Natural range expansion (Florida Keys)
Rhesus Macaque Macaca mulatta 1930 Escaped from tourist attraction (Marion, Lake, Seminole Counties)
Mexican Red-bellied Squirrel Sciurus aureogaster 1938 Released by owner (Elliott, Sand Key, Miami-Dade County)
Vervet Monkey Chlorocebus aethiops 1950s Escaped from exhibitor and tourist attraction (Broward, Miami-Dade, Palm Beach Counties)
Squirrel Monkey Saimiri sciureus 1960's Escaped from tourist attraction (Broward, Lee Counties)
Elk Cervus elaphus 1967 Introduced (Highlands County)
Nutria Myocastor coypus


Range expansion from introduced populations outside Florida (Hillsborough, Duval Counties)
Observed species (not established)
Jamaican Fruit-eating Bat Artibeus jamaicensis 1983 Natural range expansion (Florida Keys)
Capybara Hydrochaeris hydrochaeris 1990s Escaped from research facility (Alachua, Baker, Bradford, Columbia, Duval Counties)
Crab-eating Macaque Macaca fascicularis 1990s Escaped from research facility (Miami-Dade County)
Potentially extirpated species
Prairie Dog Cynomys ludovicianus 1970s Escaped from owners (Gilchrist County)
Gambian Pouch Rat Cricetomys gambianus 2002 Escaped from breeder (Monroe County)

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