Python Removal Contractor Program

The FWC designed the Python Removal Contractor (PRC) Program to further engage qualified individuals with python management efforts. Contractors will be paid monthly by the FWC for python removal efforts based on an hourly rate ($8.10/hour); the total annual payment per contractor is limited to $6,000. For all submitted pythons, the FWC will make an additional payment per python of $50.00 for pythons measuring up to four feet, and an extra $25.00 for every foot measured above four feet (see illustration below).PyhtonLength.png

Python Removal Contractors survey for Burmese pythons in specific areas, respond to survey requests in areas where pythons have been reported, and deposit captured pythons (live or euthanized) at designated drop-off locations. Surveys may be conducted on foot, by vehicle or by watercraft. If a Contractor wishes to remove pythons live, they must have a valid Python Removal Permit and must follow all the provisions in their permit for submitting data from surveys.


Christy Thibodeau
Photo credit Christy Thibodeau

Eligible applicants must:

  • Have captured and removed at least three Burmese pythons from the Everglades ecosystem while working under a valid FWC Python Removal permit, as an Everglades National Park Authorized Agent, or from private lands with landowner permission (pythons removed from private lands must be documented by photographs and must have been euthanized at the time and site of capture or deposited with the FWC).
  • Have no violations on any FWC issued permits, or other animal-related citations.
  • Have sufficient time to conduct self-directed surveys using the predetermined routes and to efficiently respond to survey requests.
  • Possess personal communication capabilities, including a cell phone and valid email.
  • Assume personal liability for health, welfare and safety of themselves and anyone assisting them.
  • Project a positive image at all times.

How to apply

To apply for a PRC position, complete the PRC application PDF Document. Qualified applicants will receive detailed information about the program. Individuals selected to be PRCs must register as a vendor with the My Florida MarketplaceExternal Website system and will receive a monthly invoice from the FWC that they must approve within 5 business days.  PLEASE NOTE: Vendors in the My Florida Marketplace system are billed a service fee each time they receive a payment, which is equal to 7/10 of 1% of the payment amount. PRCs are expected to pay this service fee. For any questions, or to request additional information, please email the Interagency Python Management Coordinator at

PRC application PDF Document

Note: Application period is now closed.


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