Submitting Python Pickup Photos

A complete photo submission to the Python Pickup Program will consist of at least 2 photos, all of which should include the python. The three photos below comprise a complete photo submission. These photos were taken using a Burmese python tanned skin that is used for educational purposes.

PythonPickupGPS.jpg One photo should include the python and a GPS unit that clearly shows the location where the python was captured and killed.

PythonPickupDate.jpgA second photo may be necessary, depending on your GPS unit’s features, to show the python and a GPS unit that clearly shows the date the python was captured and killed.

PythonPickupEuthanized.jpgInclude a photo that is taken from far enough away so that the entire snake can be seen, but close enough so that it can be recognized as a Burmese python. This photo should be medium to high resolution and should clearly show the python has been killed.

Submit your proof of python by sending an email to

  • Write “Python Pickup” in the subject line
  • Include your name, phone number, mailing address, date of capture and GPS location of capture in the body of your email (include t-shirt size with your first emailed submission)
  • Attach your proof of python photographs

By submitting photos to the Python Pickup Program, participants grant permission to the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission to use such photos for training, informational and promotional purposes.

Participants who submit incomplete information will be contacted and notified of the requirements for proof of python. Subsequent incomplete submissions will not be accepted.

If you submit a python to the Python Pickup Program, please do not report that same snake to the Exotic Species Hotline (888-IVE-GOT1) or We will enter your python’s data into the IveGot1 database.

FWC Facts:
Florida's American shad are the smallest on the East Coast of the United States. In Florida, shad average 2 to 3 pounds; the state record is 5.19 pounds.

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