Reticulated Python

Reticulated pythons are similar in size and shape to Burmese pythons but have a different scale pattern and coloration. This species commonly exceeds 12 feet in captivity and is only rarely seen in the wild in Florida. Those individuals that have been observed are likely escaped or released pets.

Reticulated Python HeadReticulated python
Photo credit Pat Lynch/SFWMD

Typical reticulated pythons are a grayish color with black, white and yellow markings along the back and sides.

The following characteristics will help distinguish reticulated pythons from other snakes.

  1. Narrow line down center of head (no dark wedge)

  2. Black, white and yellow markings create a netlike pattern

  3. Gray areas can resemble rows of diamonds





Reticulated PythonReticulated python
Photo credit Pat Lynch/SFWMD

Compare the images above of a reticulated  python to this image of a Burmese python, and note the differences.

Burmese Pythons FrontBurmese python
Photo credit Pat Lynch/SFWMD

  1. Reticulated pythons have black, white and yellow markings on a grayish background but Burmese have dark brown markings on a lighter tan background
  2. Reticulated pythons appear to have rows of grayish diamonds along the back and sides but Burmese python have angular tan blotches that resemble a giraffe pattern
  3. Reticulated pythons have a thin line down the center back of the head, but Burmese pythons have a dark wedge on the back of the head

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Native snakes that Burmese pythons are often misidentified as:

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