Nonnative Reptiles

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Common Name Scientific name First year Established
Red-eared Slider Trachemys  scripta  elegans Unknown Established
Spectacled Caiman Caiman  crocodilus 1960 Established


African Redhead Agama Agama  agama 1976 Established
Giant Ameiva Ameiva  ameiva 1954 Established
Brown Anole Anolis  sagrei 1887 Established
Hispaniolan Green Anole Anolis  chlorocyanus 1980s Established
Puerto Rican Crested Anole Anolis  cristatellus  cristatellus 1975 Established
Largehead Anole Anolis  cybotes 1967 Established
Bark Anole Anolis  distichus 1946 Established
Knight Anole Anolis  equestris  equestris 1952 Established
Barbados Anole Anolis  extremus 1990s Not Established, Present
Marie Gallant Sail-tailed Anole Anolis  ferreus 1990 Not Established, Present
Cuban Green Anole Anolis  porcatus 1980s Established
Jamaican Giant Anole Anolis  garmani 1975 Established
Brown Basilisk Basiliscus  vittatus 1976 Established
Green Basilisk Basiliscus  plumifrons 1994 Not Established, Present
Indochinese Tree Agama Calotes  mystaceus 1990s Not Established, Present
Oriental Garden Lizard Calotes  versicolor 1978 Established
Veiled Chameleon Chamaeleo  calyptratus 2002 Potentially Established
Rainbow Lizard Cnemidophorus  lemniscatus 1964 Established
Giant Whiptail Cnemidophorus  motaguae 1995 Established
Asian Flattail House Gecko Cosymbotus  platyurus 1983 Not Established, Present
Mexican Spinytail Iguana Ctenosaura  pectinata 1972 Established
Black Spinytail Iguana Ctenosaura  similis 1978 Established
Tokay Gecko Gekko  gecko 1965 Established
Yellowhead Gecko Gonatodes  albogularis  fuscus 1939 Unknown
Tropical House Gecko Hemidactylus  mabouia 1990 Established
Common House Gecko Hemidactylus  frenatus 1979 Established
Mediterranean Gecko Hemidactylus  turcicus 1910 Established
Indo-Pacific Gecko Hemidactylus  garnotii 1963 Established
Green Iguana Iguana  iguana 1966 Established
Northern Curlytail Lizard Leiocephalus  carinatus  armouri 1935 Established
Green-legged Curlytail Lizard Leiocephalus  personatus  scalaris 1970s Not Established, Present
Red-sided Curlytail Lizard Leiocephalus  schreibersii  schreibersii 1970s Established
Butterfly Lizard Leiolepis  belliana  belliana 1992 Established
Many-lined Grass Skink Mabuya  multifasciata 1990 Established
Bibron's Gecko Pachydactylus  bibroni 1970s Not Established, Present
Giant Day Gecko Phelsuma  madagascariensis  grandis 1990s Established
Texas Horned Lizard Phrynosoma  cornutum 1934 Established
Ocellated Gecko Sphaerodactylus  argus  argus 1944 Established
Ashy Gecko Sphaerodactylus  elegans  elegans 1921 Established
White-spotted Wall Gecko Tarentola  annularis 1990s Potentially Established
Moorish Wall Gecko Tarentola  mauritanica 1996 Not Established, Present
Argentine Black and White Tegu Tupinambis merianae  2005 Established
Nile Monitor Varanus  niloticus 1990 Established
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Javan Filesnake Acrochordus  javanicus 1970s Unknown
Common Boa Boa  constrictor 1990 Established
Burmese Python Python  molurus  bivittatus 1980s Established
Brahminy Blind Snake Ramphotyphlops  braminus 1979 Established
Northern African Python Python sebae 2001 Unknown

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The northern bobwhite, sometimes called bobwhite quail, is one of the signature bird species of upland longleaf pine forests.

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