Nonnatives - Marie Gallant Sail-tailed Anole

Marie Gallant Sail-tailed Anole - Anolis ferreus

Florida's Exotic Wildlife. Species detail.

First year: 1990

Extirpated year:

Established status: Species are present but not confirmed to be breeding. Population persists only with repeated introductions and/or escapes of individuals.

Estimated Florida range: 1 county  Not reported breeding

Statewide trend: Unknown status

Threats to natives: Unknown

Species Account: This species is native to the island of Marie Galante in the Lesser Antilles. An immature specimen was captured near a Lee County reptile dealer in 1990, and from 1992-94, several adults and juveniles were observed near the Fort Myers Country Club in ficus and citrus trees. Males attain a length of 30.5 cm (12 in) and have a high tail crest. The body is bluish gray to grayish brown and the eye turrets on the large head are cobalt blue. The dewlap is gray at the throat and pale yellow distally (Bartlett and Bartlett 1999).

Habitats: Low density suburban development, areas peripheral to core urban areas, and small towns

County First Year Extirpated Year Breeding status Notes 
LEE 1990


Not reported breeding Fort Myers (Bartlett and Bartlett 1999)


Bartlett, R. D., and P. P. Bartlett. 1999. A field guide to Florida reptiles and amphibians. Gulf Publishing Company, Houston, Texas. 278pp.

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