Sunshine Bass:


Sunshine bass were first produced in Florida by state hatcheries, and all sunshines are still produced and stocked. This is because they are a hybrid of a female white bass and male striped bass that does not occur naturally. Sunshines often have broken stripes on the front half and straight lines on the rear half of the body.


Sunshines occur where they are stocked by the FWC--typically in community lakes or waters with an abundance of shad.


Sunshines are voracious feeders and consume any kind of small fish including threadfin and gizzard shad. Young fish also feed on mayflies and crustaceans. Sunshines travel and feed in schools with peak activity in early morning or evening.

State Record:

16.31 lbs. Big Catch: 24 inches or 7.0 lbs.

Fishing Tips and Facts:

Live threadfin or shrimp are by far the most effective bait for sunshine bass. Artificial lures such as crankbaits, bucktail or feathered jigs, spinners and spoons also do well.

Additional Information:

Image Credit: Duane Raver, Jr.

FWC Facts:
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