Do I Have Bats?

It is often difficult to differentiate between bats or other animals that may have taken up residence in your home

I Have a Single Bat in My Home

How to safely and effectively remove a single bat from inside of your home.

When Can I Evict or Exclude Bats From My Home or Building?

Bat evictions/exclusion can only occur from August 15 through April 15.

How Do I Evict or Exclude Bats From My Home or Building?

If you are trying to remove bats from your home or a building, exclusion is the only legal and appropriate method. Watch a video on how to safely and effectively evict bats from a building External Website.

Exclusion FAQs

Frequently asked questions about bat exclusion

Choosing a Professional Bat Excluder

We cannot recommend a specific excluder but generally advise that the job should be done by someone with extensive experience with bats. We suggest asking questions about the methods to be used, seeking references from the businesses and comparing prices. Cost will vary depending on the building and location.


FWC Facts:
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