I Have a Single Bat in My Home

The presence of a single bat inside a building does not suggest a high likelihood that a bat colony will form inside this building. The formation of a colony in an occupied home is unlikely for two reasons. First, bats are looking for a disturbance-free area with warm and stable temperatures during maternity season. Air conditioning and people-related activity are not conducive to a maternity colony. Many people worry the presence of a single bat suggests they will soon have an infestation but biological reasons exist that make that unlikely.  Second, most homeowners react immediately when a single bat is seen indoors, so it is unlikely that a maternity colony would form in an occupied house without notice.

How to remove a single bat from your home

A single bat inside of a building can be removed at any time of year. Here are the steps to take:

  1. The first step in removing a bat from your home is to stay calm. If the bat is flying around, it is not trying to attack anyone and is only attempting to find a way out.
  2. Turn on the lights in the house so that you can easily see the bat and it can see you (bats are not blind or afraid of light).
  3. Close doors to adjoining rooms to confine the bat to one room.
  4. Open any exterior doors and windows in the room the bat is flying around. There is no reason for concern that additional bats will fly into the open windows and doors. More than likely, the bat indoors will just fly out the open door or window within a few minutes.
  5. Do not try to chase the bat out. It will think you are attempting to harm it and take longer to find a way out.
  6.  If the bat does not fly out on its own, you can wait for it to land. Then gently capture it with heavy leather work gloves or a thick towel.
  7. You also can take a large can or plastic bowl and slowly walk up to the bat. It may fly away, but won't try to attack you. Put the container over the bat, and slip a piece of cardboard or magazine behind it. Take it outside and let it go.

Never handle a bat with your bare hands. It may bite to protect itself!

If you believe you have been bitten by a bat, seek medical assistance immediately.

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