Grass Porgy: Calamus arctifrons


  • Body is pale tan to silver, with a dark-olive back
  • Dark bar goes through eye to corner of mouth
  • Dark blotches on sides resemble bars and stripes
  • Prominent dark spot near beginning of lateral line
  • Dark V-shaped patch of color at base of caudal fin

Similar Species: Jolthead porgy, C. bajonado (has blue line below eye); other porgy species 

Size: Up to 10 inches 


Coastal waters in seagrass beds.


Feed mainly on invertebrates.

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Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles

FWC Facts:
Pyrodinium bahamense, an HAB organism that blooms each summer in Tampa Bay and Indian River Lagoon, chemically lights up to glow in the dark. This is called bioluminescence.

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