Knobbed Porgy: Calamus nodosus


  • Deep-body that is silver with a reddish tint
  • Front profile of head very steep
  • Nape strongly projecting in adults
  • Front of head is dark purplish-gray with yellowish-bronze spots
  • Base of pectoral fin has large blue spot

Similar Species: Littlehead porgy, C. proridens (has many wavy, dark blue lines on snout)

Size: Up to 21 inches 


Coastal waters over hard bottoms from North Carolina to south Florida and the entire Gulf of Mexico.



Feed mainly on invertebrates.

Additional Information

State Record:External Website This species is not currently eligible for a state record.

Recreational Regulations

Image Credit: © Diane Rome Peebles

FWC Facts:
The average Florida manatee is about 10 ft. long and close to 1,200 lbs. They can reach up to 13 ft. and 3,500 lbs. Calves are 3-4 ft. long & weigh 60-70 lbs. at birth.

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